We’ve Moved!!

January 12, 2010

New Year.  New Look.  New Address.

But just the blog this time….

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Under Construction

January 7, 2010

To say I am having computer issues is the understatement of the new year. I’ve managed to lose most of my fabulous images as well as most of my patience in a crash at MSLTD followed by a bug on my laptop.  The irony?  I am the proud owner of a shiny, happy Mac courtesy of Santa that I haven’t quite figured out how to navigate .  Trust me, once I do, we’ll have pretty posts a plenty.

Now for some good news…

Holding Court is moving to a happier, prettier, friendlier space.  While I’ve loved my initial foray into blogging here at WordPress, I’ve found that by learning a little HTML, I could create a more functional site that feels more, well, “Marija”, and host it elsewhere.  Look for it to debut very very soon.

And as a bonus, you’ll see a link to Olivija’s “blog”.  For those of you interested in seeing just how far a third grade book report has come from the days of dioramas…

I’m back!

January 6, 2010

Major technical issues at Casa Stephens.  Even worse at Marija Stephens, Ltd.  Look for a post later tomorrow unless Cory our “I’m not your I.T. Dept.” I.T guy saves us sooner…

For now, how about if I leave you with this image of one of my favorite rooms?  Dig the curved staircase in the otherwise angular space.  Perfectly complimented by the organic art, coffee table, floor lamp and sculpture.  The photographer’s decision to capture the linear white ceiling beam somehow brings it all together.  Gorge.  As in so simply gorgeous I just can’t get enough…