Under Construction

January 7, 2010

To say I am having computer issues is the understatement of the new year. I’ve managed to lose most of my fabulous images as well as most of my patience in a crash at MSLTD followed by a bug on my laptop.  The irony?  I am the proud owner of a shiny, happy Mac courtesy of Santa that I haven’t quite figured out how to navigate .  Trust me, once I do, we’ll have pretty posts a plenty.

Now for some good news…

Holding Court is moving to a happier, prettier, friendlier space.  While I’ve loved my initial foray into blogging here at WordPress, I’ve found that by learning a little HTML, I could create a more functional site that feels more, well, “Marija”, and host it elsewhere.  Look for it to debut very very soon.

And as a bonus, you’ll see a link to Olivija’s “blog”.  For those of you interested in seeing just how far a third grade book report has come from the days of dioramas…


2 Responses to “Under Construction”

  1. I can’t wait for the result…..

  2. Genevieve Says:

    Can’t wait! Computer problems are the WORST……

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