Happy New Year

January 1, 2010

It is amazing how taking a week off can be so darn busy!  Surely, part of the problem is that I never really took the week off. Between client matters, hosting friends and family post Christmas and again on New Year’s Eve, I think I worked more than if I had logged a full schedule at the office!  No complaints on my end, though.  I had an amazing year topped off by a joyous holiday season.  And I don’t for a minute take for granted that I spend my days doing something I love, and living my life surrounded by people I cherish.  What more could a girl ask for?

I’ll be back to blogging soon but I wanted to check in to wish you all a healthy, happy, beautiful new year.

paul davies modern home, red aspens, and snow, 2008

I am continually amazed at the warmth that eminates from a winter landscape.  The simple, vulnerable structure standing alone amidst the complicated, hovering landscape. Who hasn’t felt that way. This beautiful piece from Paul Davies portrays the beauty of that vulnerability and the importance of complex interaction.

I chose to start the year off with this image for a variety of reasons. I love its simplicity. I am drawn to the juxtaposition of subdued winter hues and hopeful pops of vibrant color, and inspired by the restrained elegance.

Refined sophistication and classic modernity in lieu of over the top glamour. Design and lifestyle inspiration for 2010!

Hoping your upcoming year is filled with simple beauty and complicated pleasures.

For more of Paul Davies work check out the cool blog “if it’s hip it’s here” .


Merry Christmas

December 25, 2009

Our frozen rain has turned into flurries of snow making for a beautiful Christmas day.  A quietly festive day spent lazily in front of a warm fire with family by my side.

The highlight?

Coffee in front of the fireplace made by my favorite barista (Cory, you’re the best) while the kids cleaned up the giftwrap on the floor beneath the tree. Without being told. And they only complained a little that Santa apparently never read their letters. Perhaps next year they should make sure they give them to the Stephens family Santa laison, i.e., me.

Image via Veranda

As for my Christmas gift?  It was warm and cozy.  Two kids, snuggled in our bed, letting us sleep in, despite their overwhelming desire to run downstairs to check on Santa and company.  Though something tells me they did it more for themselves than for us.  A thinly veiled attempt to squeeze in any little bit of good behavior before the moment of reckoning…

Hope your holiday was just as warm and cozy.

The Christmas Clutch

December 24, 2009

I must admit, this countdown of clutches has worn me out!  Or maybe it’s the combination of work, Christmas decorations, last minute holiday shopping, host duties, and Christmas prep.  Either way, I’m excited to see the 12 Clutches of Christmas come to an end – mostly so I can showcase clutch 12.

I adore clutches and I’ve saved my favorite for last.  It is the perfect combination of delicate and functional; glamorous and elegant; modern and classic.  If you know me, you know I adore gold, mesh and small structured clutches.   Combine the three and you have the perfect holiday clutch.  My perfect Christmas Eve?  Probably more traditional than you’d expect.  A beautiful table, simple meal, a fireplace and a bit of snow.  No need for presents – just give me my family.  They are truly the greatest of gifts.

My dream Christmas Eve outfit?  I’d wear these sculptural little Louboutin heels with long tailored brown wool pants and a matching chocolate cashmere crew-neck sweater.  Little pearls and this gold lacquer bangle from Tiffany would complete the look.  What more could a girl want for Christmas?

How about health, happiness & family.

All the louboutin’s and clutches in the world couldn’t compete…

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.

Until then, check back for Christmas Eve prep at our house…