A Gift Guide for Girls

December 19, 2009

BFF, sister, sister-in-law, mother, assistant, girlfriend or wife.  Too many vastly different women to limit this list to just five items.   So how about 5 categories instead?  Check it out.  Between this and The 12 Clutches of Christmas, you should do just fine.  One caveat (the lawyer thing), if you have been seriously dating a woman for a very long time – say longer than you attended college or held a job – get her a ring.  Or some other serious piece of jewelry.  The gifts below will only get you in trouble…



But it doesn’t have to be obvious.

Seriously gentlemen, don’t think that you have to spend hundreds of dollars on jewelry to give her something she will wear over and over again and LOVE.  This year, I gotta give it to Kate Spade.  Packaged beautifully, a decent price range and a variety of styles and colors, these are suitable for your daughter, mother, sister, wife and/or BFF.  I’m into the bracelets which can be worn individually, grouped together or mixed with other bracelets.  Instant chic.  The pearls are 36” long and trust me, a girl can wear them with almost anything.


Women love shoes.  And while buying her shoes may be challenging (and anything but romantic) picking up an adorable pair of cozy slippers is totally sweet.  Throw in a personal coupon like “good for one week of doing the dishes” and this gift is a winner.  (As a side note, we like anything you actually sat down and hand wrote.)  Follow through without any nagging and we’ll be seriously impressed.

Try the ivory knit ballet slippers by UGG pictured above.  The Kate Spade satin ballet slipper shown in multiple colors is too sweet.  Perfect for the girl who likes to entertain.  And very cute to buy the assistant who saves you at work or the BFF you couldn’t live without.

Along the same lines,  the Prada flip-flops below are totally fun.  Available in solid black, silver or fun bright colors.  They are perfect to pack for a trip, take along for pedicures, or dress down a long tank dress without cheapening the look.  Granted, you can get flip flops for considerably less (see Old Navy), but these are fun, something she wouldn’t likely buy herself, and PRADA.  Add a gift certificate for a pedicure and she may even forget about the snow outside.


Walk into a place like Blue Mercury and you’ll probably hit a gift home run.  Unless you leave in a panic first.  A store full of make-up, perfume and scented candles can be overwhelming.  Go for this Laura Mercier gift set.  The crème brulee scent is winter goodness without peppermint or pinecones.  **WARNING**  this is for the woman you know less intimately than your serious girlfriend or wife.  Think sister, assistant, teenage daughter (though I suggest you think hard about that one – she’d rather have a purse).  Do not get your wife, fiancé or girlfriend anything that resembles soap unless it is a specific request.


Scarves & Gloves are your best bet.  Aside from one of the 12 Clutches of Christmas, of course.  One word of caution, do not buy gloves that seem strictly “practical”.  That feels like a “grandma” gift.  Same goes with a scarf.  The flipside is that these trendy “hip accessories” are not for your grandmother. (Maybe some can pull it off but for the most part, age appropriateness matters.)

Your BFF, girlfriend, babysitter, or assistant will love one of these hot new infinity scarves.  Totally stylish and still practical.  For $29, the one pictured above is my fave but The Limited at your local mall carries a chunky knit version that is just as terrific (no shipping required).

Feel like spending more?  Is she totally a fashionista?  Grab these motorcross gloves pictured in ivory from Barneys.  Gorge (as in gorgeous).


I never really give watches (though there is also a watch on the guy’s gift list) but I swear, if I won the lottery, I’d buy everyone I love a very fancy new watch.  And if I was one of those people who entered the lottery with 3 dozen other people and won thereby reducing my prize money substantially, I’d buy everyone this watch.  Chic, sporty and affordable.  Haven’t seen that since Juicy Couture sweatsuits had their hey day.  Trust me, this has more longevity. And in black or white with gold or silver detailing, there is sure to be a combination to suit almost every girl on your list.

So what are you waiting for?  Get shopping!

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