Gift Guide for the Guy in your Life

December 17, 2009

Boyfriend, fiance, husband, father, brother, BFF.

Whoever he is, you want to make him happy.  Guys reading this, if you don’t get these under the tree, consider buying them for yourself.

Mad Men DVD Set.  ($35-75)

The gift you will both love together.  And if you’re not a fan of this show yet, what on earth are you waiting for?  At the very least, you gotta check out the set design and the wardrobe.  Perfection.

iPhone Back-Up Battery.  ($60)

Because nobody likes to be stuck without juice.

Sorel Caribou Boots ($110)

Buy them.  He will wear them.  He will be warm.  And he will look hot.

And not just for big boys.  Santa has a pair scoped out for Nigel…

PRADA Beanie & Scarf ($150-360)

Because I’ve yet to meet a guy who doesn’t look good in this hat scarf combination.    See…

And why shouldn’t he have a little bit of Prada?

Okay maybe because it’s ridiculously expensive for….yarn.  The Prada scarf and beanie are not exactly budget friendly.  You can get this look elsewhere but ask yourself if you really need to buy a scarf and hat every year or can you [he] just buy one good set and hang on to it?  This is for an adult, right?  Of course, pulling the trigger on this type of purchase – even as a gift for someone you totally adore – isn’t  easy.  Check this out.  For the price of the Prada scarf, you can pick up the very cool vest and knit beanie at Joules.  A vest that won’t have you looking like you borrowed your nephews…


Seems every guy wants this thing once they hear about it…

For the ultimate deluxe gift for that special guy on your list….

In fact, you may want to save this for a major birthday, anniversary or some other special event.  And he may want to choose this himself.  red8 is the brainchild of Christain Bedet of Bedet & Co watches.  This is a departure from his classic timepieces but it’s just as luxurious.  Swiss made, i-matic movement stays powered for 4 months – no battery required.  Available in 39 different colors and a variety of combinations.  Click the link to buy or just to check out this very cool site.  One of the best sites I’ve seen in a long time: red8world. Exclusively sold by red8.  Learn more about it here.  (p.s. the Watch Lounge is a great site guys will thank you for turning them on to…).

This is the watch for a guy who loves watches (don’t they all) and needs a cool everyday watch.  And gets that this is not just a status piece.  Hip, individual, avant garde.  Well-priced for what it is.  Cory is dreaming about CB006 though I prefer CB007 for him and the classic black CB002 with the red modish button for me (why do these companies forget about women?).  Olivija, not surprisingly, has no opinion.


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