Clutch 3 and Clutch 4

December 16, 2009



[ 3 and 4 ]

The first year I practiced law was full of, shall we call them, surprises.  Aside from the fact that I didn’t know my way around the courthouse, the law library or the computer at my office, I was utterly shocked by how little I knew about the actual law.  But all of this was nothing compared to the shock, disbelief and astonishment I experienced at the office holiday party.

What in the world possessed these women to wear that. Did they really think it was okay to wear a skin tight, barely there get-up to a law firm holiday party?  Or anywhere for that matter?  Let’s face it, the expiration date on the mini-skirt in your closet or the short stretchy dress on the sale rack is directly linked to your birthday.  For some, this date is earlier than for others but I’ll try to break it down.  As a general rule, you should avoid anything particularly short, trendy, sexy or from the sale rack of Forever 21 if: (a) you feel compelled to apply wrinkle cream at any point in the day; and, (b) you are not being paid to wear a particularly short, trendy, or sexy outfit (ala Heidi Klum or the like).

There are stylish clothes out there suitable for every age, body type and occasion.  There is no need to look to the Kardashians for wardrobe inspiration. Unless, of course, you look like the Kardashians.  If you are attending an event with your significant other (or on your own) this holiday season, believe it or not, your goal is NOT to look hot.  Style and class will impress over hot every time.

So clutch 3 and clutch 4 are inspired by the simple black pantsuit you will look STUNNING wearing this holiday season at your husband’s firm holiday party or best friend’s cocktail soiree.  Wear it with or without a blouse (safely pinned, of course) and long pearls.  Very chic.  And probably hot, too…

Striped shoes by Alexander McQueen from 08, Pearls at Nordstroms or ShopTwigs

Check it out….

How great would you look wearing

that suit, carrying this clutch, and hanging out here?

I love that simply adding a high gloss black wood surround right on top of this painted brick fireplace looks this good.

The 12 Clutches of Christmas Countdown


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