December 15, 2009

I remember the first purse I ever picked out for myself.  It was turquoise with a white grid pattern on it – much like graph paper.  The zipper across the front concealed a pocket mirror attached to a long turquoise strap.  It could be worn across my body though I chose to wear it over my shoulder – much more sophisticated.  It was made from the same material as an umbrella (think leSportsac) and it wasn’t much larger than a paperback novel.  I know this because in 5th grade, I didn’t have much else to carry in that purse except whatever book I was reading (something from the Sweet Valley High series, I’m sure).

I also know that I absolutely had to have this purse.

And so, one evening at (the now defunct) Venture, I begged and begged and begged my father for this purse. We didn’t shop together often and he wasn’t one for spending money;  I’m certain he never quite understood why I simply had to have this bag before Jeannie Pine’s birthday party but he bought it for me anyway.  And he never complained.  In fact, thinking back, he seemed pretty proud to buy it for me.  Though he didn’t buy it for any special occasion, I can tell you most definitely that it was one of the best gifts I’ve ever received…sparking a lifelong love affair with colored bags.

This is a guide to my favorite 12 bags for the holiday season. From simple to elaborate, tailored to complex.  It’s all about the details.  And as you’ve heard me say before, God may very well be in the details but he’s also in the mix.  This series is a diverse collection of “gotta have it” handbags for this season that are so spectacular they do double duty as stimulation for your wardrobe and inspiration for your interior.  And of course, they make fantastic gifts.

So how did I decide what made the cut?  Simple.  I shopped.  Both virtually and literally.  I checked out some of my favorite blogs for inspiration (check out DECO + DAZZLE at coco + kelley…love ’em all) and then I shopped some more. And when I found a bag that I could see designing an entire room around, I knew it was a contender.  The threshold question?  Is it a bag I’d pass down to my daughter or my Goddaughter (two stylishly spectacular girls – one very boho, the other totally on trend)?

There is something on this list for everyone – some are pricey, some are dirt cheap and they’re all good for the holidays and beyond.  The theme around here these days.  I hope you’ll find at least one bag that makes you look at your closet a little differently.  And hopefully it won’t be too late to add it to your Santa list!

Click on the thumbnail to view the selection and keep checking back…

1.   2.   3 & 4

5 – 8   9,10,11   12


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