The First Clutch

December 14, 2009

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I think I’m supposed to bring you a partridge or a pear tree or both for the first clutch.

How about a peacock?

This handmade silk clutch by Rosemary of ClutchThat! is, well, awesome.  It’s versatile and striking and looks oh so chic with red so I’ve chosen to showcase it as the first featured bag in my countdown of the “12 Clutches of Christmas”. Any one of her gorgeous silk clutches would compliment your accessory closet, drawer or shelf.  And in this simple pattern and gorgeous shade of blue, you could hang on to this baby forever…

Over the past two years, all things “peacock” have taken center stage in decorating and it doesn’t seem to be losing momentum.  There is a simple reason for the popularity of peacock, teal and turquoise – these deep, vibrant shades coordinate beautifully with almost any color.   Need some inspiration?  Check out these unexpected color combinations that will give you a reason to carry this purse all 4 seasons…

Now.  Ordinarily I would NOT wear peacock anything while carrying a peacock purse.  Nothing about fashion or design should be that literal.  Having said that, I couldn’t resist adding these gorgeous peacock earrings from Max & Chloe.  The peacock motif on both the purse and the earrings is subtle enough to pull off wearing these together. Gentlemen reading this blog, pay special attention: These earrings and this clutch would make terrific gifts for your girlfriend, wife or even sister. Unique, stylish, and thoughtful all rolled into one. Speaking of stylish, check out the delicate simple satin heel from jCrew.  If spicy olive matches peacock, I think it’s safe to assume just about any other shade of yellow or green will work as well.  BTW, want to make that pretty table runner? Go here for DIY instructions.

The way this clutch pops against red is specifically why I chose to showcase it first in this parade of clutches.  Try anything red with peacock blue for instant chic.  Don’t you just love how the back detail on this red Rebecca Minkoff dress says “peacock” without saying “peacock”? Stunning.  The silver feather textured hoops somehow help tie it all together.  Wear those, carry the clutch and throw on just about anything and your outfit works.

Brown and blue is anything but a novel color combination but this chalky gray/brown tone mixed with a deep, vibrant turquoise or teal is a fresh take on a color combination that’s been around for awhile.  Mix in a second shade of green or blue like this ring for good measure.

I could go on forever about the versatility of this shade of blue (and the delightfulness of this clutch) but for more inspiration, check out House of Turquoise, a blog full of well-edited blue-themed images, ideas and inspiration. You can also link to her from my blogroll.  Erin’s holiday images are easily the prettiest blue images out there in blogland…

And if peacock blue isn’t your thing, check out Rosemary’s other colors.  Santa please bring me this or this

The 12 Clutches of Christmas Countdown


2 Responses to “The First Clutch”

  1. Rosemary Says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my Peacock Clutch on your fabulous blog!

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