Holiday Decor [This vs. That]

December 11, 2009

In December of 2000, I bought 24 fake poinsettias at Wal Mart.

I don’t think anyone actually sets out to go overboard with holiday decorations.  A little too much sparkle, a few too many ornaments, just one more pointsetta can lead to something red or green plopped down on every surface of your home.  Let’s face it, it’s easy to go overboard.  And if you’re pregnant and nesting in a new home like I was, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’re going to get a little too festive.  That said, I don’t know anyone who can resist buying at least a few new holiday decorations every year.  Holiday décor is EVERYWHERE.  So where to start?  Well it’s taken 9 years and paring down my poinsettias but here’s my advice:

1.  Make sure that your holiday décor suits your home AND your personality.  Simply purchasing something because it looks good grouped together in an amazing display at your favorite store or at your best friend’s house will result in the need to buy more stuff (in turn spending more money) in order to make it fit in or feel right. The dozens of glass hurricanes filled with shiny ornaments grouped together at Pottery Barn work at Pottery Barn.  But you do not live at Pottery Barn.  And you are selling neither hurricanes nor ornaments.  Similarly, unless you live in an Anthopologie ad, resist the urge to buy the fake snow that looks oh so blissful…

2.  Don’t let temporary holiday decorations overrun your home.  The things you bring into your house in December should compliment rather than overshadow the hard work and love you put into your home the other eleven months of the year.  Again, resist the snow

3.    Find something that inspires you and go with it.  Maybe you spotted this adorable white velvet stocking and you decide to run with an all white “winter wonderland” sort of look.   Do it!  But remember to exercise some restraint and discretion.

4.  Contain yourself.  I’ll say it again – exercise some restraint and discretion – don’t go overboard.  Buying adorable or inexpensive decorations with abandon adds up quickly.  In the end it will only leave you wondering what to do with it all – particularly if next year you are inspired by a black velvet stocking.  I should know… we still have the poinsettias.

So what inspires you?

This OR That?

Click each image to explore…..traditional inspiration on the left, modern inspiration on the right


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