Great Expectations

December 8, 2009

A sad day in the stone garden.

After careful deliberation, I am returning the Stone Garden Clutch.  While, as you know, I adore jCrew, I am sad to report that after indulging my infatuation with one of its seemingly adorable clutches, it is with terrible disappointment that I must report that this clutch is simply…not doing it for me.  While the detail is divine and the colors are captivating, after staring at it all weekend, it just isn’t all that I had hoped.  The amber stones aren’t quite right – a bit too dark, too large, too deliberately arranged.  The size has me confused – not quite small enough to be interesting yet not large enough to make a statement.  And here is where the lawyer in me feels compelled to add a disclaimer:  I am picky, picky, picky.  The reality?  I built this purse up in my head so much so that how could it ever really be all the things I need it to be?  It is…just a purse.

There are people who will buy and love this clutch and happily carry it for years and years.  Despite the fact that it does look terrific tossed casually on my bedroom floor (see above), sadly, I am not one of these people.  Instead, I am destined to continue my quest for an adorable little clutch to carry me through the holidays.  In the meantime, I will stick to jCrew for casual wear and swimsuits and venture to some of my other favorite sources for handbags and accessories.  And when I am feeling impulsive, I will take the advice I give my clients and I will buy for my real life and I how I live it and I will not make decisions based on the pleasure of instant gratification.  Or perhaps I will simply avoid the mall.

For now, I’m obsessing over these sweet little clutches. I’m really feeling navy, especially paired with black.  Think skinny black jeans + billowy black sweater with this navy sequined bag.
And for those of you vacationing over the holidays, this satin navy clutch from Lori’s Shoes (check out their shoe blog) paired with anything white will do you good on any cruise between here and Dubrovnik…

Of course my obsession doesn’t end with navy.  Check back between now and Christmas for 12 more clutches  I think you (or someone you love) will adore.  The 12 Clutches of Christmas.  Catchy…

And in case you’re wondering, they absolutely make terrific gifts…


2 Responses to “Great Expectations”

  1. Peggy Says:

    I so enjoyed picturing your sweet family (my very sweet grandchildren) having a fun family night. Can’t wait to see all of you at Christmas!!!

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