A Method Based In Madness

December 2, 2009

I bought the Stone Garden Clutch.

But before you judge me you should know that in an effort to remain true to my post, I did not do it on Black Friday.  I did not do it on Cyber Monday.  In fact, I didn’t even do it online.  I walked into jCrew and bought it this afternoon.

Sadly, I didn’t even get it on sale.

But this piece is it.  I simply could not help myself.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the perfect outfit I had conjured up in my mind which hinged on that clutch.  And here is the thing, it wasn’t just one outfit.  It was a whole flood of outfits that I just knew would work so well with this little piece of purse heaven.  Picture it…grey flannel slacks with a crisp fitted white button down and skinny silver mesh belt; a camel colored crewneck sweater dress or simple wool shift with dark, patterned tights; wide-leg white jeans with a navy ¾ sleeve sweater and olive sky-high heels – the green and blue both complimentary colors to the amber stones strategically splattered all over this gorgeous clutch.  And I’ll admit, I even thought about how the clutch would look set in the cabinet where I store my purses, tossed casually on the chair in my bedroom, in my closet, in my house…what sort of a designer would I be if I hadn’t?

But just as quickly as I unwrapped my darling clutch, my darling Cory brought to my attention that I do not own a skinny mesh silver belt.  I do not own olive platform pumps.  I do not own – nor has he ever seen me wear – a camel colored dress.  Of any sort.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time I’ve done this.  In fact, I often decide I want – no – I HAVE TO HAVE something based solely on the fact that I’m convinced it is perfect paired with something else.  In and of itself this is not a problem.  The problem lies herein:  I typically don’t even own the other pivotal piece of the puzzle.  And it’s certainly not uncommon that the other piece is something I’ve dreamed up or invented (i.e., where oh where will I ever find a skinny silver mesh belt??).

But I make no apologies.  I’m certainly not alone.  Check out j.Crewaholics, I’m not alone in the obsession!  And besides, this is the mind of a creative woman.  Or so I tell myself.  Cory, on the other hand, would argue that this is the mind of a crazy person.  That is, until he saw our entire house take shape centered around one dynamite piece of furniture I fell in love with in a showroom in Chicago.  Crazy or creative.  A method based in madness.  Call it what you will, he was impressed.

So what’s the piece?  What makes it so perfect?  How is it so inspiring?  That’s a whole different post for which you’ll have to check back.  But here is a sneak peak if you simply cannot wait…

Note how well it goes with the Stone Garden Clutch.

Until then, check out some home accessories to add sparkle to your home much beyond the holiday season…


2 Responses to “A Method Based In Madness”

  1. mary z Says:

    I love it. I have tons of little things in my closet that one day will transpire into some awesome outfits, but I’m afraid it’ll be Emma who will reap the benefits.

    • Perfect! Someday your Emma will love the 2000s like I love the 70s because of all of the great things she finds in your closet! I have a distinct recollection of a red and white tube top my mom wore with a white pant suit to a wedding reception in 1977 – I’m convinced it has very much to do with my personal style today! Thanks for reading and commenting – post on your master coming up soon!!!!!!

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