Black Things I Love

November 30, 2009

The black things I need right now?

The rocking ring in today’s This vs. That and a matte black Mac Notebook .

The black things I’d use right now?

Subtle, statement making pieces sprinkled throughout the house – even in the bathroom.  All from Nina Campbell, UK

The black things I just can’t stop looking at?

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Kitchen Cabinets

Her simple mission style farm cabinets are a soft, matte black (though they appear a little gray in this image). And the window trim is painted the same subtle, matte black.  There is so just so very much I love about this picture. And as an fyi, the rest of her house as equally as fabulous.  Check it out here.

Image courtesy of Hooked on Houses.  If you haven’t seen this blog, one of my absolute faves, you should head on over immediately (after reading this, of course!). Interesting, funny, great content, easy to read and filled with terrific images.  And one of the most organized blogs out there.  And you know how I love an organized space….

My Fave Most Recent Black Purchase?

The black linen wing chair from Baker I just picked up for my house.  Photographed on my porch.

I am in love love love…

UPDATE:  For those of you who have asked, no it doesn’t stay there year round!  I have two vintage peacock chairs – look for those to appear on my porch in a later post – maybe this spring when it’s warm enough to go out there!


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