Black Friday, Cyber Monday

November 30, 2009

So I sat down to finish my post on gray.  On Black Friday.  Black Friday.  Black Friday Sales.  Black Friday Frenzy. Instead of focusing on gray, I was inundated with thoughts of black.  I spent the first half of my day debating whether or not I should stop what I was doing, grab my credit card and frantically dive into the shopping abyss known as Black Friday.  Do I spend an otherwise stress free day navigating around an anxiety inducing crowd of people at the mall?  Do I join the zombie-like masses at my beloved jCrew in hopes of snagging the last size small black cashmere sweater for my sister-in-law Angie?  Or for myself?  After all, I could stumble upon the very shawl-collar sweater I have been eyeing ON SALE with NO shipping charges .  Or maybe, just maybe, the Stone Garden Clutch I have dreamily planned outfits around will be in stock.  And on sale.  And while I’d ordinarily relish the thought of putting together a shopping list and crossing off item after item (my favorite past-time), I had this horrible, nagging feeling I just couldn’t shake.  I just could not get into “Black Friday”.  Someone telling me I should be out shopping suddenly had me – and get ready for this – dreading the idea of shopping. It is official.  I hate the term “BLACK FRIDAY”.  I hate that a day that was instinctively a good day to lazily pass time, oh I don’t know, maybe shopping, has been twisted into consumer driven disorder.  I hate that it has me hating shopping.

Now I need to insert a disclaimer or two:

First, I should mention that I love to shop.  Which is good because I more or less do it for a living.  And I, like everyone else, love a good sale.  Second, I should explain that I have ardently spent at least a minute and a half of every day since my children began speaking in semi-complete sentences insisting they not use the word “hate”.  I insist that Olivija doesn’t  “hate” making the bed; she just “prefers” doing something else.  I’m adamant that Nigel doesn’t really “hate” cauliflower; he simply “doesn’t care” for it.  But right now I am totally aware that this reeks of “mom speak” – the things I’m supposed to say in hopes of raising polite, productive children.  Or at least children who are afraid of me.  So don’t tell my kids that I am saying this:  I hate “Black Friday”.  It’s not that I “prefer” a different expression or that I simply “don’t care” for it.  I truly loathe that moniker.  I hate that it has taken a normal cultural past time, shopping on your day off, and bastardized it.  It’s created so much hype around holiday shopping that it has become distorted and ugly.  And frankly, it’s taken all the fun out of it.

It is 1 day after Thanksgiving, 28 days before Christmas and I feel compelled to do 100 things.  But I will tell you what I will not do.  I will not partake in the media hyped frenzy of shopping on Black Friday.  There is nothing I need so badly that I must buy it on this particular day.  And the same goes for Cyber Black Monday.  I mean am I really expected to believe that unless I am shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday I will miss out on an unprecedented purchasing opportunity?  Maybe I’m being cynical but whatever the psychology behind it, I choose not to shop.  Instead, on this particular Black Friday I choose to spend the day sitting here on my light camel colored wool ottoman at my mushroom brown lacquered desk working on my upcoming post about gray.  Drinking a glass of red wine.

Click Here to see the beautiful black things I want right now and to see my recent fave black purchase…

The thing that ALMOST got me to leave my house on Black Friday…jCrew Shawl Popover Sweater. Cozy.

Click on the below … Inspiration for incorporating a ton of black (or just a tad) into your space:


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