Top 5 Fall Hostess Gifts

November 25, 2009

The perfect hostess gift is one that she will happily use but wouldn’t necessarily buy for herself.  Something that shows you appreciate her effort, but isn’t so flashy that you’ve outshined her dinner, or so costly that it makes everyone uncomfortable.  Here are my favorites in no particular order.  My hands down favorite is photographed at my house left behind after talking on the phone in two of my favorite rooms.

1. Olivina Lotions. I get some weird satisfaction out of a full bottle of hand soap or tube of lotion.  But alas, every house runs out at some point and because everybody likes to try something fresh and new, what better gift than a stylish new tube to of lotion to have on hand?  Fig is my favorite for fall. Woodsy, clean, fruity and not too perfumey all at the same time.

2.  Tocca Candles. I guarantee that if you’ve invited me to dinner, a housewarming, a party or been very nice to me, I have probably given you this candle – or thought about it.  Candles are always a good gift.  And candlelight does wonders for any room or table.  These are some of my favorite candles and for fall I love the Sugarcane Rum scent, for the holidays any one of their new holiday scents will do.  Tocca has a scent for every personality, season or experience and Blue Mercury seems to always have them in stock.  And this is important because let’s face it, I am typically picking these gifts up en route to wherever it is I am headed…

3.  Hermes Scented Drawer Liners. Perhaps the most luxurious gift on my list.  After all, you could live your entire life without scented drawers.  But what an undeniable luxury.  And who doesn’t love this orange and brown box?  The perfect fall color combination.  That Hermes orange makes even the dreariest fall day and the drabbest room just a little happier.

4.  Michael Aram Nut Dish. Given that serving nuts out of just about any bowl is perfectly acceptable, a dedicated “nut bowl” is a luxury.  And this particular bowl with its organic shape, shiny metal and perfect size is just the type of thing  you’ll use in a dozen ways.  Chances are it will sit there empty, looking great, and you’ll continue to eat cashews right out of the bag. Click on the image to link to Macy’s for a gorgeous picture of this bowl actually holding nuts.

5.  West Elm Hand Knit Throw. This gift is terrific for any home no matter the décor.  A chunky knit throw in a neutral shade will warm up the most modern interior and inject cool into the most traditional of spaces – subtly.

This is unquestionably my favorite Host, Hostess or Housewarming gift.  But if you’re coming to my house, don’t bring me one because I already purchased it (at full price, unfortunately).  On second thought, go ahead and get me another. They are that great.

(all images courtesy of company or brand identified or link attached to image)

Want more ideas?  Check out the Holiday Gift Guide


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